Twitter has added a new feature called API or the Application Programming Interface. API is a way for a program in Twitter to do task relating to data modification. It makes every feature in a site on Twitter is supported by a high technology of the API mechanism. API is very valuable for the users, yet for the programmers it is used to make application, website and sort of things that enables Twitter users to access it. The http to which the API works with shares the same protocol with browser and is interacting altogether. The Twitter API currently supports HTTP Basic authentication as its authentication scheme. The Twitter API can produce output in both XML and JSON formats, but the Services Twitter package defaults to XML. The exception to this is the Twitter Search API, which currently produces output only in Atom and JSON formats.


Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of routines, protocols and tools for building software applications which a programmer writing an application program can make requests of the operating system or another application. The Facebook API is a platform for building applications that are available to the members of the social network of Facebook. The API allows applications to use the social connections and profile information to make applications more involving and to publish activities to the news feed and profile pages of Facebook, subject to individual user’s privacy settings. With the API, users can add social context to their applications by utilizing profile, friend, Page, group, photo, and event data. The API uses Restful protocol and responses are localized and in XML format. The Facebook API allows web developers to create Facebook applications and access Facebook data from other applications. The main features of the Facebook API are to learn about the API–specific languages FQL and FBML. And FBML (Facebook Markup Language) is Facebook’s version of HTML, the language that web pages are written in. Knowledge of HTML is needed to utilize the functionality of the Static FBML application. This particular application, which was created by Facebook and can be added to any pages, allows to create a “web page” within a tab or box that can attach to a webpage.

Social Network

A social networking site is a website where an individual person can set up an online profile, describing about his or her interests and add links to other people profiles. Social networking sites users are able to post personal information, photographs, videos, blog entries and user can communicate with instant messaging, e-mail or site mail, notes and comments, file sharing, forums or other types of discussion groups and so on. Social networking sites also be used to describe community-based web sites, online discussions forums, chatrooms and other social spaces online. This services are designed to build upon interactions to create communities and provide the required software. Social networking is based on a structure that allows people to both express their individuality and meet people with similar interests. These websites functionality is like an online community of internet users. Many of these online community members share common interests in hobbies, religion, or politics. A social networking service is focuses on building and reflecting of social networks or social relations among people, who share interests and activities. A social network service essentially consists of a representation of each user, social links and a variety of additional services. People use social networking sites for a huge number of personal reasons. Some may want an easy way to keep in touch with hi or her friends and family, some may use it for business related work and others may use it for dating. All over the world social networking sites are popular with people generally the teenagers.